Hosted VOIP

Cost per user licence is 12.95 per month based on a 2 year contract.
This offering will be subject to the following  conditions, applied against the user's
related Horizon account:
The total number of calls per user from an endpoint shall not exceed 2,000 minutes
per month to 01/02/03 terminations and shall not exceed 2,000 minutes per month to
mobile destinations.  Any users exceeding that limit will be subject to a per minute
price for the total volume of calls per user account according to the existing IP rate
card currently associated with the account.  In addition calls to numbers beginning
03 shall not exceed 15% of the total calls to geographic numbers for that user.
Site minutes will be added together for all user. Fair use policy applies.
Calls over the allowed limit will be charged for in full.
Additional user may be added to provide additional minutes. Provision is subject to
survey and suitable Broadband connection being available. All costs are subject to VAT.