Ericsson-LG iPECS is a SIPready fully featured IP PBX that scales from 5 - 1200 ports and isenhanced by a complete suite of applications. Ericsson-LG iPECS is apure IP platform with a flexible architecture, remote survivabilityand is fully licenced out of the box.


iPECS eMG80 deliverssimple and reliable telephony with a feature set that empowers yourbusiness to save money, drive productivity and increase customersatisfaction. With a range of embedded features that help yourbusiness compete and win, the flexibility to meet the needs ofoffice, home or road based users, the iPECS eMG80 is YourCommunications Solution.

iPECS SBG-1000

iPECS SBG-1000 is a trulyconverged communication platform tailored for small businessesintegrating IP telephony, data networking, wireless, security and ITneeds in a single unit. IP telephony and broadband Internet servicesare easily and securely delivered over a single broadband IP linefrom the service provider and connected to the iPECS SBG-1000 fordelivery to the end-user.