iPECS LIP 8000 Series E

iPECS LIP 8000 Series E download PDF

The LIP 8000 series includes six phone models and 4 types of DSS Consoles to provide a solution tailored to the needs of each user. 

From the LIP-8000E basic phone to the LIP-8050E high end executive phone, the LIP-8000E terminals are simple to use and feature rich. Featuires such as Gigabit LAN connection on make the phone an excellent choice for a range of businesses. Users quickly learn to use the LIP phone thanks to one button operations and user friendly features such as the navigation and soft-menu keys. The full duplex HD quality speakerphone in most models let users converse handsfree, assured of the highest quality through advanced VoIP technology.

The LIP-8000 terminals can connect anywhere there is Gigabit LAN connection on 8012, 8024 and 8040E, 8050E handsets and support the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so a separate power connection is not required.

  • Gigabit
  • Security
  • Network management
  • EHS
  • Powerful speaker performance