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Cat5e Cabling

Higher performance cabling such as CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7 exist but CAT5e remains the most popular and most frequently deployed Ethernet cabling standard.
CAT5 has a good reputation and is here to stay.  The main reason for this being that it supports gigabit networking and so theoretically, if used exclusively with gigabit network cards and switches, will support high data bandwidth across a network.
The emergence of CAT6 has facilitated a far more effective platform for gigabit networking due to its decreased data loss. In the business world networks need to be faster and faster to support future technologies making gigabit CAT6 is the category of choice.
Hiline find that most business users who require internet, email and access to file rarely benefit from the advantages of gigabit networking and associated extra data cabling costs and therefore typically opt for CAT5e additions to their networks.


Cat6 Cabling


The Cat 6 standard was first released in 2002 and is the most advanced and provides the best performance.
Why use CAT6?  Files are getting larger - often now measured in gigabytes.  Future proof yourself by installing CAT6 and lets face it networking has benefited enormously from the increase in data transmission speeds from 10 mbps to 100mbps and there is no reason to believe that 1000mbps will not be considered normal in the future.
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